Today my little sister is packing all her stuff and I think her friends will come to help her. Like I said her friend and mom are her only eyes. Dilma, Jacqueline, and me are just here causing pain to mom and her. I think when she leaves her only worry will be mom that she will be with us, and I'm guess mom has been saying that same phrase as always don't worry,I can withstand them, and if I can who will. I need to leave to but I need to save up and see if I can live somewhere that is very cheap and far away so nobody will be able to visit often. but they can still communicate with me but I doubt Althea my youngest sister will because she has tried to not contact us at all. I admit that we said horrible things go her and that why she is finally leaving to get out of this contagious relationship.

Recurrent major depression disorder


Chronic Generalized pain

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    I don't understand what your saying.

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