What are the risks of the surgery to correct Superior Canal Dehiscence Syndrome?

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  • Flossie


    If you have an inexperienced neurotologist, there is a great chance that they will leave you with worse symptoms than before the surgery. My doctor, Dr Mowry, botched the first surgery . She attempted a second surgery called a mastoidectomy and this was also unsuccessful. Basically, instead of patching the hole in the top of the canal, she drilled two new holes on the sides of the canals and plugged them with muscle tissue, which I later found out that this was the wrong thing to do. If you want my opinion, don’t have the surgery, especially if the doctor’s name is Sarah Mowry.

    • Renegade


      have a doctor that has done many of these surgeries. Lucky to live in Austin where we have good medical specialists. Looking for questions to ask to help me decide if I should get the surgery or not. I heard there is a cannabis variety that helps with this.

  • PBj


    Hi there, I was told by my doctor that this surgery is almost never worth the risk, unless your symptoms are something you can’t live with. I have found plugging at least one ear with a foam ear plug helps lessen my symptoms greatly. I also have those fake hearing aid things you can get in the drug store, they are more of an everyday thing because I can control when sound comes in and it takes care of balance

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