Does anyone feel severely displaced in your social life? not sure if it's my BPD or social anxiety or chronic conditions but I feel like an alien to the people around me. i haven't gone to college, I haven't had kids, I didn't even really have a wedding. I'm not sure if I do the distancing or my circumstances do.

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  • MoneymanFan77


    I know how you feel my anxiety and my chronic conditions keep me from going out or even going to visit anyone!! I get ready to go but my pain and anxiety kick in and then I just stay home😥

  • Ginger


    I think we all feel like no one understands and they don't. Unless they have experienced the ups and downs of Fibro and the many off shoots and endless pain they don't understand.

  • ChaoticStorm


    I never feel like I belong. I just do what I have to to live. Right now I'm weaning off of a bad medication, so I feel even more like this. I always think "I'm fucking 21. And i have to rely on others, constantly go to doctors, be on the housing list, and can't even hold a job...meanwhile my cousin who is the same age has an apartment, car, job..." I feel so out of place, because I see everyone my age driving, getting married and having kids...and im just...existing. So know you aren't alone when you feel displaced.

  • Fibroteacher1107


    I feel like it’s circumstances. Out of sight out of mind. I try to make plans that I feel I can keep. Movie night at my house, game night etc. it makes socializing so much easier.

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