I'm so relieved. A few months ago I brought up possible autism to my therapist. She kept an open mind, and allowed me to self identify as autistic as we explored it together. Yesterday, we went over the official criteria together, and she finally said she feels strongly that I am autistic, and has actively started advocating for my diagnosis. She is going to do some research, and then talk to my Psychiatrist to see if she'll diagnose me.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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  • lala24


    I'm glad your therapist kept an open mind. If you don't mind, what made you think you were autistic. I brought it up to my therapist and she said she doesn't see any signs, but I feel like sometimes the symptoms may be similar to my ocd so idk

    • abbs0912


      My husband has an autistic brother who is also low needs, and he suggested it to me. I also did research on other disorders I've been (mis)diagnosed with like adhd. I looked into how the two of them are different, and how they can look/feel different, and I asked myself which one I identified with more strongly (though sometimes things can be co-morbid). I also took the AQ test and showed my results to my therapist. I also sent her videos on YouTube of other people who have autism, or videos of the autistic perspective, and said THIS is what I identify with. I was very persistent, but not rude, about talking about it. I should say, however, she is an autism specialist, and works with a lot of autistic adults (that's why I chose her) so she is educated in adult autism.

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