My sisters have recently admitted to me that they think I'm faking my mental health issues. One even said she thinks it's funny. I felt my chest tighten and I wanted to cry but then I was just mixed with all sorts of emotions like disbelief and anger. I was also confused. Why would I drop out of highschool due to fake mental illness and wake myself up in the middle of the night to have fake panic attacks?? It doesn't make sense to me. Why would a therapist say her professional opinion was that I clearly needed help and that my sisters were the ones with attention seeking behaviors. (she didn't tell me, my sisters shared that with me after we all got back from our first session) I don't understand. What about me says in faking it? I know I'm awkward, I know I'm a little weird when I'm manic, I know I can have weird stims, I know I can be overall too much or even nothing at all. I know I can move and cry weird when I have a panic attack. I know that. I struggle with that. That IS my struggle. How is my struggle overlooked by how someone who's NT sees my mental health as overdramatic and theatrical? It's so invalidating and scary to think that I have gone to them for support in so many things bc they're all I had just to find out that they think I'm faking and I actually have no support system

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  • Phoenix_Lily


    I know how u feel my grandma and aunty don't think I have anything they think I'm lazy bc I don't do it in reality I'm so damn depressed I have no motivation to do lot of things so I do know how u feel it sucks it sad tbh what this world is coming to just know u have people who understand. What u r going through we will help support each other as much as we can

  • Pink9


    I get that feeling, people just can’t understand that these things are out of our control.

  • royalty


    I understand. I have both physical chronic illnesses and mental illnesses. My boyfriend's mom thinks I'm faking all of it and using my disabilities/diagnoses as an excuse to be lazy. She also tried telling my bf that my parents still think I'm faking everything even though they've become a lot more understanding and I know my mom wouldn't lie to me like that, but there's a part of me that wonders if she's telling the truth and it makes me feel betrayed. It really sucks when people don't believe you and I hope you can find a better support system soon. Sending love and positive energy 💜

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