my name is reese. i’m 15 years old, trans ftm/nb. they/he. i have adhd, bipolar 2, pmdd, suspected bpd, ect.

my gender dysphoria is killing me, especially my voice. i’m too young to undergo any hormone therapy, and the worse thing is that i’m taking birth control to stop my periods due to my pmdd, and adding more estrogen into my body is the last thing i want right now. i envy others that i see online and irl that are starting testosterone, and it’s making me angry. i wish i was them. i turn 16 in june, but my grandparents ( which i live with ) won’t ever let me take hormones. same with my mom. it’s like they’re half supportive. they call me their son/grandson/kid/grandkid, use he/him & they/them pronouns for me, let me express myself and everything, but when i talk about my future with surgery and testosterone, they get uncomfortable and tell me i don’t want it. they don’t know what i want. they don’t know how i feel. my mom keeps saying i can do it when i’m 18, but i overheard her say that she still won’t let me do it when it gets to that time because i’m “still her child”. it’s so disgusting. and my grandmother just says “yeah, okay, whatever,” and changes the subject when i talk to her about it, hoping i forget. but i won’t ever forget. it’s just super stressful. i moved in with my grandparents over a year ago and i still have no medical coverage. i have no doctor, dentist, ect. i’m lucky i get a therapist through my school system. i’m not a good researcher, and i’m asking for some advice on how to talk to my family. i’ve tried everything. i also want to see if i can go to a walk-in clinic myself and talk to someone personally without a guardians permission. i can’t be too mad at my family. they just don’t understand. i’m at least grateful that they’re not 100% unsupportive. it’s complicated. i also don’t know what the medical laws for teens are in vermont. i’ve been doing research for months but i can’t find anything. any ideas?

Gender Dysphoria

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  • TheDreamingKind


    definitely when you're 18 you will be able to do what you want. have you told your therapist about this? they might have resources. i don't really know much about all of this but i support you.

  • socks


    i’m experiencing a lot of the same issues as you, especially the way your family says that you’re “their child” so it’s not up to you what to do with your body etc. but i’m over 18 so that’s a huge difference between us. i would also say talking to your therapist would be the best idea; see what they know and how they can help you with navigating the ins and outs of the medical world and eventually getting the things you need as quickly as possible.i also know there are ways to naturally train your voice to be lower with voice coaches on like. youtube. idk just an idea. i wish you so much luck, i’m rooting for you

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