Anyone suffering from multiple different *constant* symptoms that are chalked up to anxiety? Numb feet and tongue, constant twitches, feeling like I can’t take a deep breath or allergy like symptoms that make me feel like I can’t breathe?

Anxiety (Including GAD)


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  • Mehdiesel


    This caught my attention as I have some of these symptoms present. I honestly don’t know what is causing them and I am currently on a journey to try to figure out what is going on. I really hope we get more feedback on this.

  • mybees


    Yes. Unfortunately. My stress and anxiety levels are through the roof and I'm having multiple physical manifestations.

  • JD3


    Yes. Been there, it can be really difficult to believe it’s all anxiety. I’m dealing with it right now and heart palpitations. My biggest advice is to notice your thoughts leading up to an “episode” where you feel these things. If it’s all the time, notice what you’re thinking in the back of your mind while you’re still going about your tasks.

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