Just moved and having a hard time adjusting


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  • autisticfrog


    Me too. I also just moved. Sleep schedules being messed up don't help. As much as "going outside" is overused, try taking a walk to familiarize yourself with the new area. Even just once. Put away one box a day, it's a good goal and it's easily achievable and helps you get up and do something. Little steps are what's important.

  • SourLemons


    some of my toughest points in life were when i moved (both homes and schools—sometimes even countries), so i see your pain. it's okay to take a while to accept your new home, and it might take a while for that new home to embrace you, too. and that's okay. it's part of the process. take it at your pace, get to know your surroundings a little bit at a time, and know that i'm cheering for you from afar. if you need someone to vent to, i'm here.

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