anyone deal with heat intolerance from adhd and/or adderall?? any tips on how to handle it?? i can’t even walk to class lately meanwhile half the people i see are wearing pants or long sleeves. i can’t keep this up tho it’s 30s before i’m drenched and feel like i can’t breathe


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  • Ink789


    I usually have the issue with hot flashes during the day that i just having figured out what to do about but during night time i have a heating mattress cover and i use a fan where i try to balance heat and cold for a good warm and usally works out well

    • hotgirlstomachissues


      thank you!! i have the hot flashes too lol hopefully we can both figure them out !

  • Ink789


    You're welcome, hopefully so!

  • galaxysedqe


    gatorade has been such a lifesaver for me! i started adderall at the beginning of the summer and i feel ur pain. it'll help u stay hydrated even if ur sweating 24/7! hope this helps 💕💕

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