Do any Afab individuals have issues handling anxiety and ptsd while on their . It makes your emotions so much just all over the place and I can’t even imagine how I would be if I wasn’t medicated like I feel so alone like there is no one and I’m in so much pain on top of that it’s like why does this happen. It’s also the time where my brain is like remember that one thing that happened and then I just have panic attacks and it’s so debilitating and along with my already low iron levels I actually can’t move some of the days. It’s like everything is fighting against me

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  • RoKalafina


    I was diagnosed with really bad anxiety and PTSD at a young age. I also deal with horrible periods so I can understand where you're coming from. It sucks because non of my doctor's know why I'm in so much pain during this time so all I can do is cry. You are not alone.

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