Asking again. Does anyone get really bad pms symptoms? Cramping, nausea, fatigue, sore breasts, bloating, overall stomach pain?

acute lethargy

Abdominal Distention


Nausea and Vomiting

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  • Jojo1084


    So, strangely, I find that the week before my period is when I have the fewest symptoms. I actually feel normal that week! It’s the week or so following my period where I feel off. I told this to my doctor and she couldn’t quite explain it - just told me to be grateful that I have a week-ish in the month where I don’t have pain or other symptoms. All the symptoms you described could definitely be endo, especially if your pain levels are really bad.

    • Victoriacat


      that's identical to how I feel. You can have post pms. Ironically I had A male doctor that understood it really well but he retired. There are alot of articles about it.

  • Victoriacat


    Omg Yes !! The older I get the worse it gets. I'm 49 and my symptoms are the worst they have ever been.

  • LunaElisabeth


    I feel like the older I get the more stereotypical my periods are. Like craving chocolate and being a titch bonkers.

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