how long does depression continue, I suppress mine and it comes in waves

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  • jenB82


    Depression is a lifetime engagement for me. You cope and adjust. Learn what you're capable of doing and what doesn't work. Make it a point to learn your comfort zones. Then try. get out of it sometimes.

  • swaggasaurus


    Depression is for life, you just learn how to cope better. If you suppress you depression it just gets stronger at the worst possible times. Find an outlet or a hobby

  • ConnConn


    Depression is life long. Ya just gotta find a healthy way to cope with it

  • anemone


    not everyones depression is lifelong especially when its related to circumstances like financial/job stress, relationship stress, etc. it depends on how severe the depression is and what the cause is, many people manage to live basically "normal" (i don't like using that term for it but dont have a better one) lives with it

  • snowwww


    ugh forever. i also think that it starts way before one’s diagnosed too. thinking about the fact that my depression probably started at 12 or 13 but didn’t obviously present itself to others til 16 or 17 is sad.

    • bri12


      I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety at 10, and now that I'm older, it's like waves. But long waves

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