Finally getting taken seriously by my neurologist. After hearing from PT how very flexible I am and hypermobile bladder and discs and so many other symptoms of EDS they are sending me 2 a geneticist. was Told Mayo is the only 1 around in Orlando. Referred but they only take so many Medicaid patients per year, might have 2 try again in January. I'm hoping and praying something gives. Been in so much pain and getting worse. The bruises and GI issues and joint problems and bladder problems and lack of brain and energy are getting 2 me. Another broken toe, anyone get this? I barely stubbed it. A lifetime of pain so far since my 20s. Gotta b something going on. Any helpful suggestions on getting diagnosis and Drs 2c Wud b great. So far I have pain mngt/ neurologist, seen rheumo, waiting for Neurosurgeon for horrible back issues including stenosis, opthalmologist (eyes been kooky) . Waiting on dermatologist and now geneticist.

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Bladder disorders

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS)

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  • Nonamae


    Tulane lakeside has a Eds clinic in Metairie Louisiana right outside of New Orleans. It does have a waiting list but it is worth the wait. If you are interested I can get the information for you

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