Hi Is There Deal With neuropathy and how do they deal with the pain knowing that nothing really helps

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  • 100Percent_K


    I take gabapentin, it seems to help me stay mostly comfortable

    • Bova


      I Took That But It’s Doesn’t Work My Body Immune To Everything

      • 100Percent_K


        yeah unfortunately it’s one that is common with and you have to up the dosage as needed 🥲

  • glopez5065


    I'm also on GABAPENTIN. For pain I am on TRAMADOL. I was then prescribed NEUPRO patches and half a tablet of PRAMIPEXOLE by my neurologist. I have not had any excruciating pain at night since I started on that combination. Thank God because I have always has terrible pain at night that I dreaded bedtime 😭😭😭

  • Lani_Girl


    I'm also taking Gabapentin and Tramadol but I'm still experiencing pain. Mostly in my neck and shoulders.

    • Bova


      I tried gabapentin it stop working for me cause I’ve been on it so long body got immune to it

  • AzabethSiege


    Gabapentin didn't work for me so my doctor switched me to Lyrica. I fear that I may need an increase. My podiatrist had me try Metanx, and it was amazing....but insurance won't cover it..I'm at my wit's end trying to stop or at least calm the burning in my feet... I'm in pain all day.



    I tried Gabapentin, didn't help. I took Lyrica and also started on Cymbalta (antidepressant) but it also helps with pain. I was able to decrease one dose of scheduled meds a day! We messed around w/dosage trying to find the sweet spot. I am on. A pretty low dose. I didn't see a difference on higher doses.

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