wasn't being challenged by my previous job, so at the advice of a friend took a position at the company she works at. Its been a nightmare, my direct supervisor has used intimidating , threats, and treats me differently from other staff. I started in March, I was told it takes a year to really understand the job, have been on my own for 2 months told I was doing well now this week its how terrible I am. She jumps at every opportunity to make me feel worse, changing my words, and when I attempt to correct her she speaks over me, I really wish I had never resigned my old job.


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  • Magaly


    Never give permission for anybody to belittle you or put you down or make you feel worse about yourself. You have power of your own to control your own destiny your own life take your power back start thinking about getting another job. You don’t need to put up with such degrading environment. You deserve so much better.

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