I literally have tried 2 meds for my depression and anxiety. i’m on my second, and it’s Zoloft. before, i was taking lexapro and I felt great but i had really bad parasthesia (i think that’s how you spell it) and basically parts of my body would go completely numb so i had to stop taking it. now i’m on zoloft, and i feel like shit all the time. i’ve been taking it for about 6 weeks and i’m just so irritable and sad. but the problem is, my doctor said i have only one other option if this doesn’t work and that’s Wellbutrin. what if wellbutrin makes me feel worse? why are these my only three options? there HAS to be more for me because i know people who have tried dozens of meds. am i really just supposed to feel like shit the for the rest of my life? And i just got done at the dentist and i explained to him i have clinical depressions and anxiety and i can’t always get out of bed to brush my teeth. Bro really went out of his way to shame me for two fucking cavities. like excuse me sir, i can’t even drink a glass of water and your mad at me? anyways, asking for support.

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    Hey I was on lexapro and then switched to Zoloft when it stopped working. I think Zoloft is working ok. Anyways yeah there are lots of other types of meds. Find out if Wellbutrin works because there is no point waiting if you’re miserable. If it doesn’t work there are other options, maybe even outside SSRIs. If that is the case, do some research and see what you’re willing to try and ask your doctor about it. Good luck.

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