ya know. I've been big most of my life. but I've never been this hungry. lol. I've been trying to eat less cravings n such. but lately seems like my stomach is is gurgling. anyone have any idea why I feel so hungry even when I've eaten plenty of food?

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  • Imaginary813


    I don’t have the answer but I feel the same way, like a bottomless pit

  • Chronically_Awesome


    My meds make me hungry. I get super hungry about 20 minutes after I take my meds. I also have to eat every 3-4 hours or I feel super sick. It’s taken a couple years to get used to it.

  • OpheliaEzme


    Sometimes it's because you're dehydrated. You should be drinking one half of your body wieght (measured in lbs) in ounces. So 200lbs is 100oz. If i forget to eat for a few days or if i don't have enough electrolytes to use the water correctly I feel like I'm starving. I have to eat every few hours because my meds need food. So i eat 6 times. I need 125 oz this each day (now that i lost weight) so I divide that by six and drink 22 oz with my pills and meals. Plus i have 4 oz early morning and last thing before bed with my aloe because it's gross.

  • OpheliaEzme


    I meant if i forgot to drink when I eat for a few days*

  • Betzkate


    I agree water helps. Stress can make you hungry.

  • BeautifulMess


    I recently became part of a non surgical weight loss program( its prep for surgery but my insurance doesn't cover the surgery so just trying this) in the group meeting the doctor explained that the sugars and things in other foods trigger your body to tell you your hungry even Though you just ate I switched to keto/ low carb in jan and cutting the sugar seems to help mostly even though some days im still starving.

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