How do you matin your diet when your the only diabetic in the house? My husband is very overweight and not following a healthy diet and it is very hard for me to not eat sweets.


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  • Victorious


    Hello, there's candy and chocolate for diabetics, even ice cream that actually taste like regular ice cream. When preparing your meals only cook what you can eat and eventually your whole house hold will be eating healthy. But it has to start with you. I pray it all comes together for you

    • Steph1977


      Yes that would be great ,but I don't have running water in my kitchen. So it's very hard to cook at home.

  • Micah


    Don’t buy sweets at all. Sugar increases diabetes, fatty liver disease and cirrhosis, pancreatic damage, inflammation (pain) in the body, and growth of cancer cells. It’s just not worth it. My husband is the same. I changed my ways, and he just had to deal with it.

    • Steph1977


      Yes that good. My husband is very overweight at risk for diabetes also he is looking into getting the gastric sleeve I just need prayers we can get our plumbing fixed so we could cook at home again I don't have a working sink and we are spoiled to eat out alot

  • La_Bella


    I started cooking my own food, and stopped eating outside,I hope it helps me,I don’t eat sweet’s even though sometimes I cheat,got to admit it 😥 God,this is hard 🙏 I do notice that when I do that I get a very discomfort pain on the right side of my abdomen.🤦🏼‍♀️😩

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