What are great coping skills or self soothe to help with extreme anxiety? I get anxious when no one answers me in time. I feel I'm over bearing. Obsessive. Willful.

Bipolar Disorder

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  • KitKat1450


    Talk to my inner child like I’m the big sister that loves, cares, and protects her. So basically imagine an anxious 5 year old and what did I need to hear at that time to be ok. And I pray and tell myself even if the situation isn’t ok, I will be ok and can handle it. Sometimes I hyper focus on something else if I can’t stop spiraling thoughts. Especially with something where you don’t really have the capacity to think about anything other than the task you’re doing- I personally box or do martial arts in a class or training setting when my body is up for it since there is too much room for error if my thoughts are all over the place. Basically gives me a break from my mind, helps me get out the unproductive energy, and control anger issues in a humbling way. I pray you find what helps you🙏🏻

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