Heyy, my name is kyla. My mom didn’t want to give me any medication because I looked too “drowsy” saying that I could easily just control it. Very wrong. I couldn’t. 😂 Other then Medication, is there any other treatments?

Attention-Deficit Disorder

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  • alvern


    my therapist recommended coffee! because of the way the brain works with people when they have adhd, caffeine has a very significantly different role with people with adhd! I didnt want to take medication because of the addictive properties and medical history, so my therapist said that in adhd medications, there is usually a main ingredient of caffeine, and recommended having some coffee with me and drinking it throughout the day to help. it's a lighter dosage, of course, but it helps me just enough, and brewing coffee at home is always fun :] good luck!!

  • EnergizerBunny


    haha, yeah! coffee definitely! I also meditate daily for 15 mins per day. Knowing when to push and pull on tasks really helps. For example, set a timer to complete my work in 30 mins increments and taking 5-10 mins break as a "award" helped me get through more tasks faster

  • stormithegay


    Monster energy works great for me. Just don't drink too much 😅

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