do other autistics have really vivid dreams and are able to remember them very well ?? i dont know if this part matters but i almost only have nightmares too


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  • kiwitaffy


    I have the opposite very fuzzy blurry dreams but I also have a slight firm of aphantasia

  • Bob60


    I too have a very good memory for dates and specific details. It's a good way to impress people :-)

  • Leilakeiser


    yes! i’ve been able to remember all my dreams since i was a child, even lucid dreaming is common for me! i also almost only have nightmares, it’s so scary when you can remember the entire nightmare!



    i have very vivid nightmares that i always remember but not sure if that's just asd or my ptsd as well

  • Meowmeowcat759506


    SAME! I have full on months I remember so clearly but then I tell others the stories and they say they don’t remember! It is a bit sad

  • Jenni_Star


    Yessssss Especially when I was on Sertraline/Zoloft- my psychiatrist said it was very common to have “movie like” dreams

  • PinkPsyduck


    My dreams aren't always super vivid, but they often are. Especially when I'm trying to wake up, I get that cycle where you think you woke up and are getting ready but then you wake up again and find out you've been sleeping the whole time. I also have tons of nightmares, and they're usually the most vivid dreams, but I was so used to it I never mentioned it until recently I mentioned it to my therapist and got diagnosed with a nightmare disorder.

  • JackOTrades


    I’ve had very vivid dreams/nightmares from a very young age. At worst I will remember maybe 3-5 per night and I’ve had dreams that have caused me enough physical pain to wake me up. I often have trouble telling apart dreams from reality and it can get tiring. A lot of them are graphic too. Neither me or my doctors know what might be causing it though, the best theory is probably PTSD but I’ve never heard about it being linked to neurodivergence until now. That would be very interesting!

  • Faye00


    I have VIVID dreams every night good and bad. Multiple dreams a night as well. Sometimes slightly lucid; sometimes my dreams repeat

  • Cameryn


    I can’t remember most of my dreams, I blame my ADHD, but those few I do remember are somewhat clear. But yeah, also nightmares are ESPECIALLY crazy with how far they can go 😨😨😨

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