Does endometriosis cause anyone else's legs to give up/not function for about 15 seconds? I don't know how to describe the pain in my legs (separate from the cramps) but when it happens, my legs give out and I fall without being able to catch myself at all with my legs or get back up for a few seconds.
I don't have an official endometriosis diagnosis yet, my doctor is trying to help me treat symptoms without the pain and cost of surgery first


Chronic Generalized pain

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  • Signe


    It's so weird!! I've never been able to describe the feeling but have you found anything that helps??

  • EndoJenny


    Hey there. I have numbness,tingling in the legs and slight loss of balance once in a while. These all happened last year when I’m having progressively painful periods. Just had surgery and endo confirmed, but my neurologist brushed me away when I mentioned my endo and said that has nothing to do with neurology.🥲

  • Fable


    Most definitely. I've had surgery for mine twice before we got it under control

  • Birdies


    (Never officially been diagnosed) I have never actually fell but I get sharp stabbing pain in my hips and knees, my entire legs/sometimes just my feet go numb and tingle and I'll lose my balance.

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