I would like to know everyone's experiences with humira?



Generalized pain

Arthralgia, Arthropathy

Joint pain

Psoriatic Arthritis

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  • Somi


    Excellent. Skin is clear. No pain or joint swelling from the PsA for almost 3 years now.

    • Nobles


      ty so much! I can't wait to see if this finally works for me! So glad it's working for you!🤗🤗

  • MooieModer



  • mossy420


    i’m on humira have been for over a year and it has helped me a lot it has decreased my joint pain a lot and i’ve switched from using a walker every day to a cane and sometimes nothing which would have been impossible before. i use it combined with methotrexate weekly

  • MooieModer


    I have none

  • Cathyliz


    I started Humira in January and so far it’s been great! It’s helped my pain quite a bit. My doc raid in another couple months it’ll reach full efficacy and hopes it’ll improve even more for me.

  • Duckkygirl88


    I haven't had much improvement. I take it with sulfasalazine(2x daily). I'm constantly achey and muscles burn constantly making movement hard. But im 33 and was diagnosed at 31. Just started humira in September, and still nothing

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