(Rant) Currently up depressed, alone and just wishing the worst on myself. I hate being in this hole where I have a feeling I’ll never get out. I wish things were better for me physically, mentally, and spiritually but I don’t think I’ll ever be better and that just makes it worse. I have been dealing with bad thoughts and bad habits all my life and no one seems to try and help me it’s like I don’t really ask for help a lot but it would be nice for someone to just try and give me a hand when I’m down. Idk man it’s just a lot going on in my head and all I want is to just make it stop


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  • BHC


    Hey, don't wish the worst on yourself! I know it's hard not to but you can't be hard on yourself for things you have no control over. Don't wish for the good things to happen to you, manifest it. When you manifest things a lot then eventually it'll come true. I don't think you'll ever be better I know you will just gotta believe in yourself. I feel you on the bad thoughts and bad habits. If you want to talk about it then we can talk! I know you want it to stop because the thoughts and feelings so suck but the best you can do when people try and push you down is say try me. I know you are at the point of breaking and it's hard not to break but tell yourself positive things and keep your head up when people tell you to keep your head down low

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