Does any one with insomnia not sleep for days and then crash for like 2 hours and feel wide awake like they can run a marathon because I’m still having symptoms of sleep deprivation but feel fine and alert

Persistent Insomnia

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  • draco


    with my bipolar 1, my mania causes extreme constant insomnia without my meds. i will stay awake for days and do the same exact thing. a nice dead sleep heavy nap for. few hours and then im ready to do anything. its a struggle, especially when you cant ever sleep when your so extremely tired.

  • KatSmith


    I have that quite often

  • Vevanna



  • Streeter


    I thought I was alone. My husband thinks it's drugs. I stay up for days. I hate taking chemicals but it's the only thing that makes me sleep. I take 90mg of Adderall and sleep like a baby. .

  • deepdowndark


    So I feel like that is me but there is a medical condition where you are "sleeping" but you are still conscious mostly because your brain has been in fight or flight mode for most of your life. It's called paradoxical insomnia.

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