How do y’all deal with the compulsion to suppress tics? I get the urge to vocal tic a lot but I feel weird doing it so I just suppress them, I want to get out of this routine though.

Tourette Syndrome (TS)


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  • BipolarBetch


    Try singing

  • cupid


    As BipolarBetch said, singing is a very good option! I have (Coprolalia) TS and my vocal tics can get very obnoxious. Especially just making noises rather than saying words and phrases. However, I have learned that suppressing tics does more damage than good. Whenever I get a string of vocal tics going on, I start to sing or hum. Singing uses a different part of the brain compared to talking, so generally, the tics will not affect your singing! at least, that how it is with most people, myself included. I have always been a singer and I has never stopped me from performing! As dumb as it sounds, closing your eyes and just taking deep, slow breaths also can help the urge to vocally tic and/or suppress it. If you can catch it right as it is about to happen and breath, there is the chance the tic will naturally subside because of your breathing.

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