anyone else feel like it’s been much harder to socialize since getting sick? now, when I do anything that takes a lot of energy like socializing, it’s as if i don’t have access to as much of my brain as i normally would. the brain fog, overstimulation, my memory tanks all of sudden, and the way i get on autopilot makes me so embarrassed sometimes. it’s hard to make a genuine connection when i’m always anxious and in that mode.

Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Streptococcal Infections Syndrome

Mast cell activation syndrome

Contact with and exposure to mold

Lyme Disease

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  • SpaceCat2000


    You just described so many of my thoughts haha! You might benefit from the spoonie community. It has to do with only having enough energy each day and you measure it with spoons

  • Libby123


    Wow i didn’t think anyone else felt this way. I get nervous to say yes to plans with friends because i don’t know if I’ll get too tired in the middle of it or if my brain just won’t be with me and I’ll seem off

    • moldsurvivor


      this!! it’s such a struggle! also being so afraid of being boring because i’m too tired to be the fun carefree friend i used to be

  • daffodilviolet


    Yesss plus with the pandemic still existing I need to be extra careful since my immune system is bad. Everyone else is going out and I have to make sure I'm making smart choices covid wise and everything else wise.

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