my server I have for friend making has been doing solid revamping and yes I'm kinda loving how it's coming out now, ofc I wish to change it more but idk.

anyways this friend making server is also starting to become mental health in a way. So it's a fun server to make friends that also focuses on mental health

what is some stuff you could add that keeps it friend making but adds mental health into it so people feel it's a safe space?

Also I would love to brag about my changes...nobody seems to care at family, friends, bf nobody does..and I just want someone to care 🥺 would anyone want to hear me talk about it or come check it out?

Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)


Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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  • stayfrosty


    you could have events such as jackbox nights or something? plus channels that are dedicated to specific disorders alongside a general one. you could also have pet channels, channels about interests, etc

  • Eren2273


    You can tell me about it! :D I'd be happy to hear about it

    • Alyh


      well I have new contests (4 going rn but no one is really participating) with proze being money because of Christmas. Then I have monthly scavenger hunts gonna be a thing. I updated roles, rules, and how my info looks. I got new bots and started music events with a bot where we can all go into a voice channel and listen to music with it. I started support groups, reminds for things such as medicine and food. Sone people are starting watch parties. Added emojis. And my server is starting to look neater! 🙂 I've been working super hard on it

      • Eren2273


        can you give me a link to join? I'd like to join! :D

  • dandelion_flower


    Omg that sounds amazing! I'd love to join the server if I'm allowed to. And it sounds like you're making lots of progress, very proud of you. You can talk about them with me if you'd like!

  • SomeKindaKid


    I’m not so smart when it comes to discord I just know how to call and text but it sounds like a lot of work you’ve done ^^

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