I would like to see if anyone can relate to this! Have you ever been faced with a task, and instead of going by the book, you make up your own rules? Personally, when I'm sewing, whitch is one of my special interests, I tend to completely ignore the by the book ways or the "Correct" ways and just makeup my own rules. I still get the same result but just got there a diffrent way. I wonder if this is just a me thing or if anyone else does the same!

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  • MissWilwarin


    I’m just curious how you sew a different way. Like, how? It’s a pretty straightforward concept, so I can’t imagine how you would do it differently

  • Viynyl


    To me doing things like how stitches are done to how patterns are mapped out, I don't use mesurements I use myself kinda like a living mannequin, for me mesurements and maths confuse me personally, especially since I tend to like my clothes bigger than my mesurements, so I go more by feel than the mapping out, then I find alternative ways of sewing things together reather it be just joining to cloths or just flipping something inside out when you typically don't do so to get tge result I want from the peice I'm making. I just make ways that are easier for me to understand.

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