hey, guys! a few years i was diagnosed with a thyroid condition; however, i was told that my levels are normal (ish), and i do not need medication. everyday though is a constant struggle. i am constantly tired, unmotivated, my skin is progressively getting worse even though i have a good skin care routine, etc. i’ve told my doctor all of my symptoms and concerns, but i feel like nobody listens to me. any advice?



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  • LotrNerd


    Yes girl! I was diagnosed two and a half years ago by my gyno and she offered me no solution what so ever except to start taking some thyroid support supplements (not telling me what those even were to be). So a few months later I decided to find a functional doctor. I'm a total hippie and really wanted a more natural approachband it was the best decision ever. Functional doctors check for the root cause and on doing so, my doctor found that not only did I have hashimoto's, but I also have Epstein Barr virus and leaky gut which are both responsible for a lot of my symptoms. At the beginning of my journey the doctor had me take a good sensitivity test and we discovered that I'm very sensitive to gluten, dairy and eggs. So I've cut that all out. Anyways all that to say, just because you look good "on paper" to doctors, doesn't mean there isn't more going on. And functional doctors are great at figuring it out and listening to you when it comes to your health. If you have any questions feel free to ask! I'd be glad to help you as much as I can!

  • fairygodmom


    I did not know that I had a thyroid problem (just a possible suspicion) when I went to a practitioner to get blood work done. My chief complaint is that I’m young, super active, super healthy, generally fit/muscular except for my stomach area - which has been an issue for me for literally my entire life. The practitioner I ended up seeing is a young APRN. She was personable, understanding, and empathetic. I am so grateful I found her. After asking me sufficient questions and ordering the bloodwork, she felt that my symptoms and results were enough to justify a diagnosis of hashimotos and put me on medication. The best advice I can give you is to do your research on primary care practitioners who are in your network who you believe are most likely so empathize with your problems and work with you to find a solution that works for you. Possibly related but several years before my hashi’s diagnosis I had pretty bad acne and though it took me a long time to find a derm who I liked, one of them eventually put me on spironolactone and that medication has made a WORLD of difference!! If you don’t already see a derm I would also recommend researching one in your network who has good reviews and is well liked by other patients!

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