hey. so I've been struggling for years with chronic fatigue and severe brain fog. the brain fog is the worst because I've become unable to live a normal life and work a job. my thoughts feel like tv static, if that makes any sense, and my arms and legs always feel like they weigh 1000lbs. I've found things, like methyl B vitamins, that make me feel amazing at first but it only lasts a few days and stops working... sure I can continue to take them but they won't work again until I take a short break from them and start again. I wish I could figure something out that would make me feel better consistently. I feel like I've tried everything. does anyone else have this kind of experience when they take b vitamins?


Myalgic encephalomyelitis/ Chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS)

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  • Babypossum


    I totally understand the brain fog. It’s like there’s a wall between the start and the end of all my thoughts, lol. I hate not being able to work too. B12 has helped me, though I haven’t noticed the benefits going down at all, I’m sorry you’re struggling with that.

  • Serenity_1142


    I’m sorry I feel you too. I deal with foggy brain and fatigue and it’s the worse being stuck indoors and laying in bed all day. The b vitamins are only a small set of vitamins to help with energy production but that isn’t really focus on the brain. Maybe, and I know it’s exhausting and you’ve probably have looked already alternative options but maybe add more vitamins on top of the b vitamins. Sometimes chemicals need other chemicals to be able to achieve a reaction. For example vitamin c and k3 work well together. I haven’t had that experience with my b vitamins but I’m also not just taking those vitamins so it would be hard to say if my b vitamins are working or not. Which is the downside I don’t know what is working and or not working either. I just know this combination works for me.

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