Hi friends! I have Raynauds Syndrome but I also have pretty bad seasonal allergies. For a few years now, the very tip of my nose gets this horrible pain, a pain that feels like after you bump your nose really hard on something and it’s tender afterwards. I can even ‘move’ the tip of my nose and hear a click in the cartilage. It happens randomly, probably about 3 times a week or so. It hurts so so bad and when I asked my doctor, she said it could be related to Raynauds, as your nose is a sort of extremity. Do you guys experience this as well? What can I do to make it stop hurting? The only things i’ve noticed is that it’s worse when it’s cold, but it doesn’t exclusively happen when it’s cold. Thank you all so much!

Raynaud's Syndrome

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  • blondie


    hi! this happens to me too. the only thing that seems to help is trying to keep it covered and warm. i guess it’s another good reason for the masks lol

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