With PCOS does it come with anxiety ????

Polycystic Ovary (PCOS)

Anxiety (Including GAD)


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  • ProfessorPlum


    I have PCOS and anxiety, didn't realize they were related. Maybe the hormone imbalance causes it.

  • JoonieBams99


    From what my therapist told me, it’s pretty common to have both PCOS and anxiety. It sucks because when my anxiety is bad, that makes all my PCOS symptoms worse.

  • ArtyCharlie


    Yes unfortunately. On metformin and something for anxiety and it helps

  • SodaPop


    Oh, this would make sense since excess cortisol is a symptom of pcos. I never thought of that. Great topic!

  • Mufasa94


    I’ve been using CBD oil to help lower my cortisol and stress, overall I feel like it helps with the anxiety! I also notice that having a mood log helps me determine when I’m anxious/depressed and it’s been SO cyclical and based around my menstrual cycle.

  • UnicornBug


    PCOS can cause a multitude of mental illnesses as well. Depression and anxiety are found extremely common.

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