this is just a vent that I need to release, dont feel obligated to respond or read or anything.
today has been awful. I've been exhausted for nearly 2 weeks now recovering from an internship that took all my spoons. My grandparents are visiting and I dont think grandpa fully understands that I need to recover. He keeps asking to do things like basketball. dude I can barely stay awake.
anyways my cat threw up at 4 in the morning, so the day was doomed from the start with less rest than normal. Then my grandpa kept turning the vaccum on and off right outside my room. He vacuumed the whole house yesterday, the carpet was spotless. It was just turning on and off again. I swear he was passively aggressively trying to wake me up and I hated it. so tired.
I have two cats and am fostering two kittens. Usually my mom, little sister and I work as a team fostering, but they're at a camp right now. All the cats need to eat in separate areas because they have different diets but love to steal and fight over it if they could. I couldn't get the cats separated into their rooms this morning, it took forever and was so frustrating.
Then my grandpa opened the back door and Delfi, my oldest of the two, escaped, which has NEVER happened before. Shes the one who threw up and has been a little more grumpy than usual the past few days. It took forever to get her back in, and she was so stressed out, and it was exhausting.
I promised my baby brother I'd play fall guys with him yesterday but it didnt happen because I ended up napping, so I told him I would do it today. I'm so drained though. like, -10 spoons. He understands but is still sad. I feel so bad. He's been wanting to spend time with me in general since last saturday but I just keep sleeping. I want to spend time with him too. but. 😴

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  • DariaFae


    Dang... you'll recover. You definitely have alot going on the in real. Just hang on right and you'll pull through. I don't know how going your brother is he will always understand but it still is very hurtful when someone doesn't follow through with what they say. Just keep doing your best and try not to make promises you don't know if you can keep, no matter how much you want to. Make sure he knows you will do your best but make a commitment to spend @ least 30min with over the next week. Once you start moving and playing too it could always make you fell better. And give you some natural energy. I still haven't been able to motivate myself to workout (I have machine and equipment @ the house and several apps I like to use that reminds me). Just can't make myself. I have been soo sore and drained feeling. I know if I just got up a little earlier and excersised in the morning I would feel 5,000 times better... but seriously there's many reasons people tend to workout in the morning... it really gets the brain motivated and energizes you for the day. Trust and believe... wish I could just listen to me lol but I hurt soo bad I can't make myself right now. I feel as a disgrace 😔 . I'm not a lazy person

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