idk what to do anymore i just want to die and get it over with, ive never wanted anything more. everyday is just an endless cycle of nothingness and i feel nothing at all. i just need to be put to rest. to die. i need infinite rest.


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  • Harlowquin


    Hey, wanna talk more? As someone who's been there maybe I can be a friend?

  • Ezra_Noel


    I hope ur still alive ur post 14hrs ago I hope you know even writing this post is a sign of you not giving up even if you don’t want to admit but ur trying , I use to think like this also but there’s so much to look forward to even if you can’t see it or when it’s coming we’re living in the unknown and sometimes it’s so boring you just want it to end because nothing happening with ur life but with more time if you stop expecting it’ll come when ur wants to don’t give up it’s not ur time now that’s okay but it will be ur time later look forward to that

  • CameronElizabeth


    Please don't give up. I know it looks hopeless, but I promise you, it's not.

  • PotterHead


    There are so many people who love you and would miss you, please hang in for them, even if not for you, because I promise, if you hang in there things will get better.

  • Achoree


    I deal with the same thing

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