hi, I'm new to this.
I have and suffer from separation anxiety to a high level
I'm in a 2 year long relationship, and though I can understand her need for space, I end up feeling lonely fairly quick.
I get nervous and scared alot when she isn't around, and find it hard to not thing bad/harmful thoughts

is there something I can do to help combat the mindset to help calm myself down outside of my medication

Adjustment Disorder

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  • burgersoup


    i've dealt with this a LOT within the past year. what's helped me most is paying more attention to things that bring me joy and pass the time. my therapist explained that these are ways to "celebrate you", which sounds a little corny but it works wonders for destressing, distracting, and building your self-esteem. making sure that your home environment is a sanctuary for rest is very important too, because you'll always have to come back home. before long, you'll be doing so well that you'll begin to love that time alone.

    • burgersoup


      i almost forgot to add: after finding hobbies and other things that you're passionate about, usually it becomes easy to organically make friends. then you'll also have more people you can spend time with when you want company.

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