Not something I like to admit but it’s been making me feel very guilty. Lying started out as something to protect me from getting in trouble… but it turned into something else over the years. I would tell my friends a stories to make myself more interesting. It then turned into something I was not aware I was doing. Years went by and I thought about something I had just told my friend. I remember saying to myself “Wait… that’s not true.”I’ve hated myself for years because of my constant lying. Recently I had texted my sister and told her about all thing’s that I felt guilty about. I then got this app to express how I felt truthfully. Eventually on the same day telling my mother and we went to the hospital together to talk to my doctor. I told her I was only aware of the lie after I told it and was too embarrassed to correct myself out of shame. I don’t wanna be known as a liar… bc I hate liars. I told myself all the time that the only way to stop was to end it… so I decided to get help that day. My doctor smiled at me and said “At least you acknowledge your mistakes and are aware of your wrongdoing and want help!” That… made me feel a little better about myself… but I was still wondering why I do the things I do. I would not intentionally lie to hurt people… but to help them. I would also lie to make myself interesting and make others believe that I went through the same thing as them so they wouldn’t feel alone. I’d give advice and pretend to be something I was not. I would change who I was ever since I was little to make everyone happy and love me. I ended up forgetting who I actually am. I’m having a really rough time figuring out who I am. But…I acknowledge the things I do. Now I correct myself when speaking to my friends and tell them “I’m… sorry dude. I just lied…” Today I just felt I needed to tell the truth for once, hopefully this will be a new start. I haven’t lied on here tho.. bc I actually want help for my addiction to lying (or whatever the heck it is) My doctor thinks I have BPD. Is this a symptom of bpd?


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  • Michele


    You’re brave to share that u have a problem and want to get help. Know that Jesus loves you and will always love you♥️! God Bless you on your recovery

  • Jerrico


    👍is BPD bipolar disorder? I've known a lot of people with it and I believe that is the same thing that useded to be called Manic-Deprssive which is something that I was diagnosed with over 30 years ago. I suffered from Deptesion and at times I felt very up and positive, to an extreme sometimes, I'd have lots of energy and had trouble sleeping and nothing bothered me and I felt like I could do anything but I was not a compulsive liar paradoxical liar as I have heard it described but it may be a symptom with some but not all with BPD or I may have been misdiagnosed as I believe I was. They sad the it was caused by a shortage of a salt like mineral called Lithium, I was put on it and it made me feel really strange, my mind was very foggy and I felt energyless so I stopped taking it after less than a week and I never took it again and I have been okay for over 30 years since except for periods of Depression witch doctors have described as situational depression caused by events in my life like losing my wife of 23 years to Heart Disease for which I was prescribed Sertraline an anti- depressomt often sold under the brand name Zoloft, it helped me deal with my depression and I took myself off of it after about a year. I suggest you get a second opinion, preferably from a Physichiatrist, they are not just for crazy people, we all have things in our lives that we need help with, and see if they agree that you have BPD or if there is something else causing it, just be honest about the lying and anything else and I belive that you can get help and get better. Good Luck to You Jerrico

  • Marmy


    Whatever direction you go, do add mineral supplements, if you're not already taking them. It's a fact that we're not getting the nutrition we require for health from our food supplies. And that in itself contributes to illness of all types. Research it for yourself and you'll find this to be true. But, don't just get depressed... Fight back! I take grocery store vitamins, because that's all I can afford. But, I know I'm at least trying. God will do the rest.

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