I have chronic depression and started taking antidepressants in 2018. The meds normally make my symptoms manageable except for before / while I’m on my period. I’ve mentioned this to my doctor who wasn’t concerned since it’s just before and during my period. But that’s 2 weeks a month, 50% of my time, that I spend seriously depressed and feeling suicidal. My doctor suggested birth control which I’ve always kind of avoided from hearing all the negative side effects people experience. Idk what else to do about it though

Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD)

Drospirenone & Ethinylestradiol


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  • Scout123


    This sounds similar to me but I never went on meds. Maybe you’re on the wrong SSRI for your body if it’s not helping before/during your period. 50% of your life is a lot! I have the same thing and I struggle with so many symptoms that make me just absolutely miserable and then I get sick if I push myself (so sometimes it’s much longer than just 2 weeks) and Dr don’t seem to care. Birth control is their only answer and I don’t want to go on it bc I’ve heard nothing but bad. Do you get some sunshine and fresh air daily? Exercise like walking? Eat okay when you’re depressed? Feel free to message me, I’d love to talk more!

  • HarperofDisi


    I tried Yaz for my pmdd and I had the exact symptoms as yours. It made me severely sick. I'm now on 100 mg of Zoloft and it seems to be helping my PMDD.

  • Akary


    Ive felt this same way for so long, i started taking prozac and it’s helped some, not always but it really helps me not feel suicidal all the time

  • savyj


    I was worried about birth control too, but honestly it helped so much with all my period symptoms and helped lighten my bleeding. I recently switched to yaz to help with PMDD, I’ll let you know how it goes. But birth control helped me a lot.

    • Daz


      how long did it take to start working for you? (Yaz)

      • savyj


        I’m on my first packet now, so I’m unsure when it will completely kick in.

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