Anybody else on long term opioid therapy? How do you mentally cope with the stress of knowing you need these drugs that are so stigmatized? Do you ever feel like a failure because you need them? I’d give anything to get off of opioids but without them I have no quality of life and that devastates me. I don’t want to be on these drugs. I hate that I have no good alternatives.

Chronic Pain

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  • MissAl


    I felt like a failure for needing any meds. I always tried to super woman it and just push on. Meds are ok if you need them, and it doesn’t always have to be forever. Sometimes they help get the edge off in your rough season so you can relax and heal some and you can wean off or change it up later. Just keep open dialogue with your Drs. Do you have a medical marijuana option in your state? I opted for that instead of higher pain meds.

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