I feel myself getting bad again. I smile but with no happiness, I laugh at times but then I feel tears and overwhelmed. I'm not even hungry anymore but I'm eating bc I have to. I don't even want to do anything but I'm doing it bc I have to.
I just want to give up, but I can't do that to the people I love.
I go to work and its irritating at times but I deal with it, then I come home and its just the same thing. I'm getting so tired of just being blamed and criticized for things I didn't do.
I'm exhausted from everything but when I try I just can't until its super late.
it's getting harder to just survive. I want to hurt myself but I'm also hurting others.
its weird I feel like no one cares or everyone hates me, but here I am making sure I don't hurt them with my actions.
I know there's a lot of buts in this post, sorry for that.


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  • Tatum12


    I relate to this.

  • HappySunflower101


    It sounds like your burnt out. You should try switching some things up in your life for the better. If you hate something in your life, change it. If there is someone hurting you, there is always help.🤗❤️💕

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