I'm thinking my anxiety is causing me some issues. i feel like i need to be doing something productive constantly, 24-7 urge to do stuff. the constant urge is causing me stress and more anxiety but my body and mind are too tired to actually be active that long. does anyone have advice or something you do to help?

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Lavendar_Sapphire


    This happens to me too. I think part of it is because of chronic fatigue/chronic pain- I can’t do all of the things I want to do and as a relatively young person, that’s difficult for my mind to handle. I also think it’s because if I’m busy, I’m not left alone with my own thoughts. You likely are doing productive things. Rest is productive, personal hygiene is productive, eating food and staying hydrated are productive. “Down time” (like binge watching your favorite show) is productive. All of these things we need to be alive. We associate productivity with profit or gain and it’s a really hard mindset to break. Breaking my day down into small bite sized chunks helps me. Long to do lists overwhelm me, but short tasks seem manageable. It also helps me realize how much stuff I actually do in a day. All of the unrealized labor behind things. (If getting up to shower is hard for you, then showing is a productive win.) It’s a lot easier said than done, but learning to give myself the same grace and understanding that I give others also really helped. And if none of that works- I try to find something that occupies my mind without exhausting my body. Like a video game that I enjoy (I play the Sims) or reading a book, or even learning something new. (I’ve been trying to learn astrology lately). Hope this helps! You’re not alone though, lots of us feel this way and are doing our best ❤️

  • haileh


    I am the exact same way. I like to realize that this is our own lives and that it’s okay to not get up some days, i spend most of my day worrying about how i’m not doing anything and it’s an endless cycle. something that has helped me a lot is we have so much ahead of us and it’s okay to take the time we need right now to lay around and be okay with doing nothing. Always set a time to sit down and do things, and if you can’t allow yourself to do things you need or want to do, get up and go to a new location. the library helps with studying, and going out to a restaurant or an arcade helps me to relax. we all have to realize that we don’t have to be doing things all the time, we can totally relax and lay around all day. if you’re comfortable that’s all that matters. just tell yourself to do maybe one thing a day, and you will soon enough complete so much. doing one thing always feels better than nothing. 💕 you’re not alone!!

  • Maddawg


    This happens to me too, I thought it was just me. I’m having a hard time training and being with my dog because my fatigue stops me

  • armeenis


    It's called ADHD!

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