does anyone else get angrier thinking about the petty things an abuser did to you than the serious things they did?

like my moms husband was EXTREMELY verbally, emotionally, mentally, and sexually abusive, and he frequently reminded me at any time he could rape and murder me and no one would care. But he would always leave time left on the microwave so I had to reset it everytime I used it and that pisses me off more than the trauma sometimes. is that just me?

I'm guessing its because I'm reminded of those little things throughout the day cause I can't even use I microwave anymore without thinking about it 😤

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

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  • KittyGreen


    I've had the same issue as well

  • aFeralGemini


    You're not alone. Wondering if my mom & your mom was with the same guy though cause whew I can relate 🤔

    • Lucas.exe


      oh yeah my moms ex husband is CRAZY. he has multiple personality disorder and one of them was the stupid but nice one, the other was the sociopathic narcissist, and the other was a murderous psychopath. The suckiest part is, it took my mom FOUR YEARS to believe me eventhough she did stuff right in front of her. Everyone he knows is in denial for some reason so when my mom divorced him and she got a PFA suddenly my mom is this evil villain and nothing we said about him is true even though he admitted to a lot of things he did. Its laughable at this point how crazy people can be and how easy it is for him to manipulate people that know very well he cant be trusted.

      • aFeralGemini


        oh my goddd that sounds exactly like my step dad! He has severe bipolar disorder and wrecked havoc for all of us most of my childhood and teen years. She finally left him when I was 17, and cut ties completely when I had to lock myself in a room because he was trying to rape me & my friend. A week later, he successfully raped his underage nephew and there was even a court battle for that but his entire family thought my mom had made the story up as revenge. He's SO popular in the community and seen as some local type hero, because we're the only ones who have seen him behind the scenes. I could go on forever on stuff he's done...and my mom was also a 'vacant' parent figure that let most of the things go on without trying to stop them. I don't even think she would have kept the ties broken had my cousin now come forward and told us what he did to him. The crazy part is his sister, the mother of his nephew he raped, still hangs out with the guy all the time even though she's the only one who believed it even happened. It's a wild world over there.

  • littlehooman


    I love all of y'all 💕

  • Catlady121427


    It is crazy how people like thees guys get away with so much bcuz they make the world see them as "good guys"

  • diamondmama


    I feel it's a control thing. They do this to have control over you. I completely understand, I was raised by an abuser also.

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