One day I was riding in the car with my friend I had a weird sensation in my head. Then it went farther into something I cannot explain it was scary my stomach and whole body heated up heart racing. I had to have the ambulance called. 3 weeks later I am straggling terribly with it what ever happened even altered my vision but my brain scans are clear. My brain does not feel right it's scaring me I can barely cope through the day and anxiety medicine isn't helping. Has anyone had this before?? (I hope)

Diabetes Type 2 (T2D)

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  • IbeAwake


    Sounds very much like the panic attacks I used to have. They are very scary.

  • lizzy71


    That's really scary, and I'm sorry you're going through all this mess! Have you seen a neurologist? I world start there, if you haven't. I'm not sure if you just had a CT scan. If so, don't stop there. Ask for a MRI. CT scans can miss some findings. I pray all gets better for you. This stress can be challenging, causing more problems. I'm studying meditation. It is really helping change mindsets around for people dealing with all kinds of health concerns. It quiets things down for people. Also, I'm really changing what I'm putting in my big mouth. I'll let you know if I start seeing changes. My panic attacks have my body feeling like there is a buzz happening all over. Soooooo aggrevating. I'm determined to shut these attacks down. Going to try something other than just my meds. You got this! You're stronger than you know. 💪

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