How can I get rid of anxiety when I drive? I want to learn how to drive but I get nervous and can’t think straight when I get behind the wheel.

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • rateater669


    Driving is scary, so it's understandable that it makes you nervous. while driving is scary, I like to keep in mind that most people aren't dicks. they most likely will let you into your lane and communication with hand signals is amazing. driving instructors also tend to be really nice and really helped me calm down while learning.

  • Rosie_Posey


    I would start by going to an empty parking lot with someone who is calm and cares about you, or a driving instructor. A very safe place where you could learn a little bit about what it’s like being behind the wheel. Study the driving manual beforehand- get your permit even! You’ll have a little bit of experience to better base your feelings on and you can go from there if it’s something you would like to pursue

  • Messymexi


    I have PTSD from a near fatal car accident and I actually broke down on my first driving range day. I got aggressive, I take control of my vehicle and I tell it what to do. I am in control, and that's something I can't say a lot. I still get very nervous around dumpster trucks (car accident) but I'm even able to ride a motorcycle on my own

  • CinderellaUmbrella


    That’s the problem we all have as a society. We think too much. Tell yourself you’re just going on a short trip and hype yourself up and see how far you go. Don’t pressure yourself. I also like to crack the windows for some fresh air. Makes me feel less trapped and capable.

  • Izen45


    If you need to pull over, go ahead and do it. Everyone is going to pass you by but you don't have to run with the crowd. When your ready, signal back and hit the gas.

  • whatsherface


    I recommend a driving coach. It's literally their job to get you comfortable and competent behind the wheel. I found mine reassuring and thank him in my mind a few times a year over the last decade since I got my license.

  • Blub


    Taking small drives first can really help!

  • lunae


    I'm glad I'm not alone, I'm 28 and can't really drive yet or have a license. It doesn't just stem from anxiety but from trauma of when I was hit by a car in late 2010.

  • Antu


    Start small with left turns and right turns in a parking lot with someone you trust. You can work your way up to neighbourhood roads and eventually main roads as you feel ready ❤️

  • paracosm


    Yeah I know how you feel I gotta drive in New York so there's always cars everywhere

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