Is it even possible to be in a relationship like I have bpd and I’m usually to much, it’s to much , they don’t know how to handle it or they had a ex who had bpd and compare me to her because we both have bpd like you really need to have time for people who have bpd we work on our selfs too but communication and reassurance you gotta have that but I truly feel we people with borderline personality disorder can’t be in relationships because it’s so emotional and drainful on us 💔 the pain is so painful

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  • Pusheenlover


    I have wondered the same thing and when I expected it least, my partner and I found each other. From an unexpected circumstance came an amazing man who is patient, let’s me ramble and be who others considered “too much”, and loves me for my flaws. There ARE friends and lovers out there who won’t judge you and will accept you for exactly who you are. It’s a painful struggle to find them sometimes but we deserve them and they’re out there to be found. If we close ourselves off to the possibility though we won’t be lucky enough to experience it.

  • Pusheenlover


    Sending positively 💓

  • VinnieV


    As a partner if someone with BPD for almost a year now (only recently discovered she has it), yes it is possible and there is hope. It will not be easy, for you or your SO, but you'll know the one when you see them. Just don't give up hope, even when it seems like it's the end. The right one will always find a way to continue on, it takes a certain kind of strength above all else.

  • mmm


    I've been married to my husband since 2019, we are about to have our anniversary. We started dating in 2015. He's seen me at every stage of my life. We are highschool sweet hearts. It's been super hard sometimes. For him and for myself. But yes 1000% it's possible!

  • Boobear98


    It is possible 💕 my ex is in the army and was a top security prison guard, so he was always an emotionally suppressed person. He made hurtful statements all the time, saying it was a joke, and said he couldn't handle me. Being with him made me feel the most suicidal I've ever felt. I eventually left him, and I'm in a thriving relationship. I'm engaged to the most patient man. He is understanding and is highly adaptable. He also makes sure that I take my medication because he can tell when I havent been. I've also grown extremely self aware since being with him. It is possible to have a good relationship, you just have to find the right person that truly cares ❤️

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