Hi, I went off of my antipsychotic med a while ago (back on now) and started having delusions I guess?? I was convinced that I had made up the whole world in my head, like it was a dream that I would wake up from eventually. I now know that isn't true, but I still get this feeling sometimes that if I were to die I would wake up like in a dream and things would be better. Anyone have a similar experience?


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  • Lethe


    Almost exactly this, though it wasn't super correlated to my anti-psychotics. I wasn't on mine for an extended period of time, as the side effects were too extreme. I found my other meds to be a better fit, at least while I'm looking for alternatives. Therefore, delusions such as those tend to come in waves, and that's actually one of them for me. Usually I feel the opposite --though I don't think you'd can call that one a delusion, rather just a general fear of an unfortunate afterlife-- wherein I fear death will bring something far worse. But sometimes, I find myself convinced this is all a dream, or a simulation, or otherwise fake in some way, and that I need to "wake up" into the "real world." It can lead down a dark mental path, of wanting to get there, if it truly is something better. That wanting to know is almost a literal definition of morbid curiosity.

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