How do you deal with feeling like maybe you really don’t have adhd? That you feel like you should be able to do things and that you’re just being weak and complaining? That maybe you are just “normal” and nothing is really wrong with you? I have a clinical diagnoses, with the 9/9 on the inattentive adhd and 4/9 on the hyperactive part but I still feel like if I’ve survived this long, why shouldn’t I be able to still do it? I went to a difficult high school, and while I was severely depressed, still managed it. I feel so weird about this and so alone. My Adderall isn’t working anymore but I’m scared to go to my doctor because she just “renewed” my prescription and I have two bottles at the pharmacy.

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    Wow I’m going through this exact thing right now. I almost could have written this for how accurate it is for me. I’m having such a hard time in school and I’m technically failing right now but it’s the beginning of the semester so there’s still time to recover. I just don’t have the energy to do everything and I get so overwhelmed by seeing 10 things to do by midnight that I can’t do it until I barely have enough time to finish everything, and often can’t do everything. I was on 15mg Adderall XR then I added 5mg during the day. Now I feel like it doesn’t do anything to help me function except keep me awake (which is helpful, just not as helpful as before). I’m kinda scared to up the dose because I think I’m kinda scared of Adderall a little bit and it feels fine at a lower dose but a bigger dose seems scary. But I should probably up the dose to get through the school year and then maybe switch to something else. Sorry I don’t have advice or anything but know that you aren’t alone!

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    I’m going through this too. Years of going undiagnosed and I internalized ‘lazy’ ‘stupid’ and ‘failure’ as my personality traits instead of seeing it for what it was— very overt symptoms of adhd. I haven’t yet found the ‘right’ medication/dosage for me. I do have some advice though— don’t hesitate to advocate for yourself. its your doctor’s job to adjust your dosage/reconsider your treatment when you report that it isn’t working. they shouldn’t be upset with you— any doctor worth their salt will just take it in stride and either adjust your dosage or talk about switching meds. good luck! you’re not going through this alone

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    You don't know how many times i doubt my diagnoses. But then i might be given an opioid for my migraine and it does almost nothing and i realize, oh no, these migraines are VERY real. But hey, if you seriously don't think you're ADHD anymore, go pick up your prescription (cuz those are helpful for later) and try not taking any for a while. You'll know. If you have great focus and nothing is wrong, cool maybe you grew out of it, if not you'll realize how real your ADHD is. And keep track of the small things like fading out during a convo, or stopping everything halfway.

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