I started taking Lithium Carbonite yesterday and woke up this morning with about 7 red blotches on my skin. Only one is semi-itchy. They're all about the size of a quarter to 50 cent piece. They're not raised, just flush with my skin. Is this normal?


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  • SunnieAnnie


    I'm not sure but it sounds like it could me a mild allergic reaction. I think that because i'm prone to allergic reactions and i've had one like that to something else. If you're concerned about it just call your provider. 🤗

  • Beeb


    Thank you for your advice, I called my doctor and she said to keep an eye on them, if I'm not experiencing any other side effects she said they may go away after a few days of use. Fingers crossed I don't have to stop taking it because I can tell it's helping me mentally.

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