I find myself seeing or hearing more at night does anyone else do this? do you know what symptoms indicate that they are improving?

Schizoaffective Disorder (SZA, SZD or SAD)

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  • aali


    I'm not actually sure, I've never really started to improve it just stays the same in all joneys

  • RionWilde


    That's typical for me. It's quiet and my imagination runs further and so do the symptoms. I've learned that treatment, specifically medication in this case, doesn't necessarily improve frequency of symptoms. Though it may, and usually does to a degree, medication often helps you to distinguish unreality from reality. I never really stopped experiencing symptoms, I was just able to determine what was real and not, for the most part. Some are still pretty convincingly normal.

  • lunatone


    Yeah, this happens to me. I rarely hallucinate during the day but at night it’s like my brain just goes overboard.

  • DoctorStrangeS1mp


    I have this as well

  • alien.garbage


    Yes, at night I see more shadow people and I see more of the walls "breathing" and whatnot.

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