How do you find your "Get up and go"? I'm stuck in a rut and idk how to get out..



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  • Hannah_6


    I often find time off to get a solid cleaning done but it's still a struggle for me. Having family around me was nice though for my birthday.

  • LydiaRay


    Maybe try doing something unrelated to cleaning or daily care. Like go do something new or fun.

  • allie.a


    I set easily attainable goals and do them. When you follow through, even if it was super easy, it gives you a hit of dopamine! This can calm me down and allow me to set gradually bigger goals. And start with baby steps. Even if you just do one thing today, that’s ok!

  • LindaSS


    I finally just got up and started on everything I hadn't been able to do about a month ago. I found it helpful to set a timer for 15 minutes. Start, do only what you can do in that time. Take a break, then try another 15 minutes.

  • gmakka


    It’s hard!! What seems to work well for me is affirmations. I have a bunch saved on my phone that I repeat to myself when I’m stuck in a rut and it helps me to feel a bit more grounded and in control of my life. My favorite affirmation is “you can and you will”. It reminds me that I can do what I don’t want to/am afraid to do and that I will find the strength in myself to make it happen. The other big piece of it for me is self compassion/patience with myself. I think it’s a lot harder to get yourself out of a rut when you’re constantly beating yourself up for being in a rut, if that makes sense. It really is just “baby steps”. Every action you take to get yourself out of the rut, no matter how small, matters and is worth being proud of yourself for! You got this.

  • FrogDe


    Somehow, i tell myself if i get ready i cant get back in bed. Like makeup and clothes at least, a shower if i can. It makes me feel uncomfy to lay back down in jeans so ig triggering something like that? If that helps 😌

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